Snowed off

January 7, 2010

I have written alot about the weather in work over the last few days. Trying to find new angles, new stories, a new pensioner stranded for four days, a new road gritter fresh from being attacked.

I have to say though, I think it is completely ridiculous to the point of hilarity that Ireland seems to have gone into total shutdown. I know it’s a once in a century kind of occurence for us… but all of a sudden, it’s number one on the RTE news agenda, front page of all the papers, on the tip of everyone’s tongue. Schools close. Buses disappear. Taxis moan for the first time that their travellers are going to too many far-fetched locations. Work colleagues vanish without a holy trace. And the family call every five minutes to check “you’re still alive.”

“No, I’ve given up, I’m lying in the 2cm of snow as my saliva freezes in my mouth”

Yes, it’s cold. It has registered. But now, let’s man-up…grit and bear it.


Ssshh.. It’s a secret

January 4, 2010

A new year, new writings!

Like I have already said, I am a journalist and have wondered for years how to get my personal thoughts on the things I see and my other, less professional writing, out there.

I hope to bring some kind of insight into the job while having a useful tool to vent and publish my (gasp) poetry.

But all under the pen-name, and never naming names. Exciting.

Black Rainbow 2010

January 4, 2010

Jump start me in snow
Away from bloody 2009

Pump me up to go
Play no more with fickle time

Bank, develop, lose and die
Corruption, money and politics lie

Will you start afresh?
Will you take the chance before you?

Kills me to regress
Thrills to start anew with truth

Bank, develop, lose and die
Corruption, money, and politics lie

Energise your weary soul
Stronger now you’re still alive

Realise potential goals
Dusty debris says goodbye

Bank, develop, lose and die
I learn and forget about 2009

Bills to pay, babies born
Breaking up and death is near

Hearts mended, trust torn
The more you grow the more you fear

Plan, live and love again
It’s all the same in 2010.