The Other Woman

January 4, 2010


It started as nothing
We were friends and
We worked well together
It was all fine

When it became something
We were drinking and
it made us feel better
Alone with wine

See we both had issues
We were getting away and
it started to creep in
Feel tell-tale signs

I didn’t mean to kiss you
I was amorous and
Liked the feeling you bring
Friend of mine

The next day I woke
I read your text and
We said we’d forget it
It would all be fine

But later we spoke
You had that look and
Again I felt it
We crossed the line

In a new light I stand
So you said and
There I stood
Take what’s not mine

Skimming my hand
You touch my waist and
In a public place
With friends-not the time

Away into a doorway
We go in rain and
Try fight this in vain
Kissing with drops in ryhme

Now who’s to blame
Days pass soon and
We play the love game
You meet me at mine

You sit and we smile
We talk and laugh and
then you grab my hips
then we speak with eyes

There’s no more denial
You pull me closer and
Quickly crush my lips
then we intertwine

Morning always arrives
It’s a raw memory and
I feel so guilty
Things aren’t fine

In our professional way
We organise, row and
Act as if it never happened
Work we hide behind

The very next day
You text me and mail and
I hate my happy heart
The Other Woman is blind.



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